This is the official website for FranDesQ Cloud from AppDesQ Inc. FranDesQ is the definitive software application suite for Franchise Management. Based on best practices in Cloud Computing & SaaS (Software as a Service) technology, this Application Suite was developed from ground up solely with Franchise Operations in mind. FranDesQ puts special emphasis on the User Experience. Our suite does not require any setup procedure on the user’s machine or device. FranDesQ Cloud offers a wide range of features tuned specifically to facilitate operations in a typical franchise organization.

With FranDesQ, the franchisor and the franchisee can communicate seamlessly. Potential franchisees can track the status of various activities by logging into FranDesQ.

FranDesQ Cloud: Making Waves!

We chose the Cloud Computing model to serve our customers. Cloud Computing is becoming the norm in the software industry as it brings down the total cost of ownership (TCO). There are no local setup woes and you don't need to hire or maintain a team of expensive local IT experts. Just subscribe to our software and your are all set Whether you are interested in converting your business into a franchise operation or whether you already are an established franchisor, we would like you to partner with us and grow together.

Effective collaboration is key to success and forms the heart of franchising. Using FranDesQ, members of your franchise community can interact with each other seamlessly discussing issues that impact each other either in a public forum or with private with one-on-one messages.

FranDesQ is developed by AppDesQ Inc, founded by a professional with decades of experience in CRM and Telecommunications. AppDesQ is headquartered in the Silicon Valley. FranDesQ is poised to make waves in the franchise business with its rich set of features that will help you communicate across channels like never before.